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Fans of Pieter van den Hoogenband

Bring on the Hoogie love!

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this and the background image of the community page are by leetje

This is a community for, you guessed it, the Fans of Pieter van den Hoogenband!
There's just not enough loving for this talented swimmer! He has so far participated in three olympic games (Atlanta, Sydney and Athens) and various other competitions around the world.
He is the winner of a total of 7 Olympic medals.
Sydney: 2 Golds (200 meter freestyle and 100 meter freestyle) 2 bronze (50 meter freestyle and 4x200 meter freestyle)
Athens: 1 Gold (100 meter freestyle) and 2 Silver (200 meter freestyle and 4x100 freestyle relay)

He's a FOUR time European Swimmer of the Year and also holds the top FOUR fastest times in the 100m freestyle event! Great job Pieter!

I'm your mod, Kim blachemeil

The Rules:
--Just basic good ethics ie. no flaming other members, be polite, and etc.
--Please use common sense...if you're picspamming, use an lj-cut. if you're not familiar with the lj-cut, just ask me and I'll gladly tell you.
--Anything about Pieter, Robert or his family are acceptable. I am, however, also very fond of the whole Ian/Pieter OTP so anything involving Ian will be gladly accepted as well :)
--I am NOT a fan of irrelevant communitiy promotions. ESPECIALLY rating communities. So we'll have none of that. However, any swimmer community promotions would be acceptable. afterall...it's swimming related.

If you want to see past posts of articles, videos, interviews and etc. check the memories. I have all non picspam categorized :)

Pictures and Artwork:
This is my photobucket album dedicated to Pieter.
I was having a lot of difficulty searching for pictures of him and well, I hope this will help out anyone in need of pics. I will gradually add new pics as they come by. enjoy!
these pictures were taken from the below websites as well as from posts from various communities

Here's the photobucket account dedicated to creative work made by none other than his fans :)
It's a collection of Icons, Wallpapers, Buddy Icons and Colorbars people have made and posted up in various lj communities.
The credit system is quite simple. The maker's livejournal name is all that is before the underscore that follows a number. ie. blachemeil_01.jpg is made by me. But if there's a case where it says ie. hoogie_fans_01.jpg then hoogie_fans has made it.

There's also a dutch site that has a bunch of Hoogie pics. They're watermarked unfortunately...but nonetheless very much worth it to see.
Go there, click keywords and write "hoogenband". that should lead you to the pictures.

Some Websites:
Pieter van den Hoogenband (Official Site)
This unfortunately is all in Dutch. In order to get to the english translation you must first locate the button at the very top that says "en" and click that. It'll turn everything to English :)

Pieter van den Hoogenband-An Unofficial Site
A pretty good fan site that's still regularly updated.

Absolutely PvdH
This is another fan site that's very good but very neglected. It hasn't been updated since October 15th 2001! I suggest going to "Pieter's Colomn" to check out his (translated) blogs :)

Hoogenband Online
Here's a very new site. It opened up on 12/1! So i'm not sure exactly what it has to offer as of the moment but go check it out anyways! You could never have too much Hoogie ;)

Pieter van den Hoogenband is Olympic Success

Pieter van den Hoogenband is Love

If you have any questions regarding the site, please feel free to comment in my journal.